Our message
Providing our services for clients professionally and distinctively, According to the global perfection standards of the administrative quality, recruiting the skilled and trained domestic labor, the social partnership in the welfare of homeland, the continuous development for our services and building partnerships and success stories with each client.
Our vision
Leadership in recruiting labor and providing the domestic labor services, and in our opinion that respect is one of the most important success reasons, where we look forward to the monopoly of confidence mixed with happiness through it. And proceeding from elevating yourself to help the others’’’’ we elevated for you.
The slogan
Because we care .. and because we are partners in the homeland, we serve its pure land, holy feelings and we cooperate to keep, protect and thrive it, we have chosen this sentence (Partners in the homeland ) to express what we carrying for that priceless homeland and its generous people.
Explore values:
On our way to your own world, we have spent a long time to refine the experience under a prominent name. We were collecting the best ways to have you and your family inour priority. We have travelled across the world and met the best qualities of human labor. We have chosen our goals from the reality of the aspirations and concerns of the Saudi family. Then we packaged all that with an honest smile that greets you here in ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH for recruitment. It is a leading office in labor recruitment which has advantages and characteristics assures you the best services and quality. You are welcome. Here is a simple image about us: Extensive experiences are between your hands.
We approached more
We put everything you need to communicate with us and bring your home labor by only a simple push of a button and a link. The official web site of ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH works 24 hours. Apply now, share your opinion, contact us, and we are proud of what is given to us from your presence.

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What we do?
Value added Service
Customers of ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH benefit from our services even after getting the service, so you have some advantages:
Mediation Services
Mediation services between ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH and labor.
Labor Training
Labor training in new skills which raise the level of their service.
Customer communications unit:
Your time is the most precious thing we care about. By calling the numbers of customer communications unit, you shall have a lot of support information you would like to receive. Then this unit shall communicate with you after you get your labor. Therefore, we integrate together to reach common aspirations and complete satisfaction.
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Many things care about you
In order to speed up communication and facilitate the access of our clients to our services, ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH depends on multiple channels. the website, chat and call center are all working 24-hour for your sakes. We have chosen the best of human resources for you. And from this moment, we are pleased to extend our welcome to you on any of our multiple channels.
On the world map
There's no accounting for tastes!
Ancients said and we listened to them. Because you are our clients who resides in the heart of our goals and the depth of our strategic plans, we provide recruitment services from a lot of countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Ghana, India, Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopia…etc. All that just to satisfy your different tastes and offer the highest level of household labor.

ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH owns officially registered offices in the labor’s supplying countries. ALTHEGA ALDAEMAH communicates our staff there throughout the day and night.


Administrative details for your convenience
All the actions taken within the corridors of the office are professionally designed in the form of formal models to cover all the details related to the household labor you take as you wish. Once the contract is signed, our administrative staff implements the convention and achieves full details at the scheduled time.

The coordinates access
Such as a plane carrying dignitaries cuts the atmosphere guided by the coordinates to reach its destination, we also transport luxury on the coordinates of quality and service. Here we come from all over the world to welcome you. And brief our capabilities in classy words
We are at your service
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